House in Calbayog for Sale

House and lot for sale in Calbayog City from 2M up!

Camella Calbayog House and Lot for Sale in Calbayog City Philippines

P 2M

Welcome to Camella Calbayog! Own a beautiful Italian-Mediterranean inspired house and lot just 10 minutes away from Calbayog Airport and 4 minutes away from Robinsons Place Calbayog via Maharlika Highway.Enjoy living in a resort inspired community just 40 minutes away from the majestic waterfalls that Calbayog is famous for.

The City of Calbayog in Samar province is becoming a growing tourist destination in the Visayas region. As the first crowned city of Samar, it is the center of arts and culture in the province and is fast rising in terms of economic progress. Live a high-end life for less the cost only at Camella Calbayog!

Houses and lots in Camella Calbayog are now available at 1.5M and up!

Properties in Calbayog City

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House in Calbayog for Sale

Camella Calbayog House and Lot for Sale in Calbayog City Philippines

Camella Calbayog has a wide selection of beautiful Italian-Mediterranean-inspired house models for you to choose from. The contemporary architectural design, materials and finishing of each house are intended to complement the nostalgic environment that feels comfortable, homey and yet familiar.

All house models in Camella Calbayog Samar have either a built-in or optional balcony where you can take pleasure in having early morning coffee or late night get-together where you'll get to feel the constant strong and cool pollution-free breeze to which Calbayog is known for.

Houses for Sale

Designed to accommodate your family and friends

Camella Calbayog House and Lot for Sale in Calbayog City Philippines

The interior of every house model in Camella Calbayog has been carefully designed to accommodate the needs of your family--for today and in the future. Every house in Camella Calbayog is designed to provide the needs of your family. We made sure that your house is as comfortable and spacious as you want it to be. Your future home will have at least 3 bedrooms, 2 toilets and baths, and a space for your car. The wide kitchen and dining room are well laid out for gatherings and parties. High ceilings and many windows installed to allow the fresh air of the unpolluted City of Calbayog, breeze in inside your beautiful home.

Bedrooms in Camella Calbayog houses

Camella Calbayog House and Lot for Sale in Calbayog City Philippines

In Camella Calbayog, house models have two storeys and at least three bedrooms for the comfort of your family and friends. The artist in you will enjoy designing the best layout of your house. For each floor, toilet and bath is conveniently situated to accommodate a full house. Let your inner artist shine and enjoy designing each room according to your preferences. In Camella Calbayog life is what you want it to be!


Camella Calbayog Amenities - House for Sale in Calbayog City Philippines

Camella Calbayog in Calbayog Calbayog is a gated and secure community. The village is made more secure by perimeter fencing, a 24-hour CCTV at the entrance of the gate and a 24-hour roving security personnel within the village.

Camella Calbayog Amenities - House for Sale in Calbayog City Philippines

Other amenities of Camella Calbayog include playgrounds and pocket parks that will occupy almost a third of the entire estate, making it a sustainable, nature-friendly place for you and your family to live in. These amenities as well as Camella Calbayog's proximity to the airport add value to your investment and increase the quality of life.



Camella Calbayog Developer - House for Sale in Calbayog City Philippines

Camella Calbayog is being developed by Vista Land, the same company that built Crosswinds, a world-class Swiss-inspired exclusive community in Tagaytay City. Expect the same level of engineering expertise and customer satisfaction from Vista Land when you buy your house and lot in Camella Calbayog. Our attention to quality and customer satisfaction has brought our company recognition for the fifth time as Reader’s Digest Most Trusted Brand under the Property Developer Category. We have received the Gold Award, a distinction signifying that it has excelled significantly higher than the competitors based on the results of the Trusted Brand Survey.

Camella has redefined home development in the Philippines by creating ‘communicities’, innovative masterplanned city developments, where Filipinos can raise and nourish their families and their tomorrows, with vast properties that offer community structures and commercial establishments closer to a city than a mere residential village. To date, Camella has built more than 300,000 homes and maintains a powerful presence in Mega Manila and 36 other key provincial destinations and 95 cities and municipalities.



Camella Calbayog HOUSES

Properties for Sale in Calbayog City by Camella Homes



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Hotlines:  +63 977 819-6554 / +63 917 718-6905
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Village Address: Camella Calbayog is located in Brgy. Gadgaran Road, Brgy. Maybog, Calbayog City 6710, Philippines.

The developer shall exert all efforts to conform to the specifications cited herein.
The developer reserves the right to alter plans, as may be deemed necessary, in the best interest of the developer and the client.


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26 October 2021

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